LGBT Publishing: Writer’s Relief helps LGBT authors in publishing

Help for LGBT writers

LGBT Publishing: Writer’s Relief helps LGBT authors in publishing

LGBT Publishing Help Needed? Writer’s Relief ( is certainly recognized for their support of LGBT writers-and all creative writers generally speaking. Supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community may be section of our goal considering that the company was first founded by Ronnie L. Smith in 1994. Writer’s Relief submission strategists have helped many writers of most sexual orientations reach their writing and submitting goals.

Writer’s Relief client Timmothy Holt discusses his life-all the ups and downs-that finally led him to find the support of Writer’s Relief. Timm’s work often draws on his life experiences-from appearing out of the closet after having children to contracting HIV/AIDS. Writer’s Relief may be helping Timmothy Holt (and several other clients all walks of life) submit work to LGBT literary journals, in addition to literary agents and LGBT publishers that are friendly toward creative writing with LGBT themes.

Irrespective of sexual orientation, it can be hard for writers to obtain the time to perfect their craft, network inside the writing community, hold down each day job, AND-on surface of everything else-carve out time and energy to research and prepare submissions. A blogger is unlikely to be published in reputable venues unless he/she is submitting. But that has time?

Many writers in the genres of poetry, short prose, novels, and nonfiction books have considered Writer’s Relief; our goal is always to manage the submission process so our clients don’t have to. We investigate the best-suited markets to get a given work, prepare query and cover letters, format and proofread manuscripts, track submissions, and-most of all-we save our clients much time and allowing these to do their business best: Write!

Writer’s Relief is fortunate to get a diverse but small client list that features many LGBT writers who want help making submissions. Our database includes LGBT publishers as well as the movers and shakers in the LGBT publishing business. Our staff is sensitive to every one of the issues of the writing life, as well as the company lends it support to literary journals and editors that are publishing work by and for the LGBT community.

Our client list is small to ensure that submission strategists can offer truly personalized service, care, and attention to each and every client. Writers join Writer’s Relief by invitation only. All writers are thanks for visiting apply (more often than once, if required). We take on new customers as our workload allows.

To learn more about how exactly Writer’s Relief offers help for LGBT authors and matches these phones LGBT publishers, in addition to traditional publishers, visit

Help for LGBT writers

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